Greeniverse offers various financing options to its customers so that they can have the benefits of solar electricity, without shelling out for the entire cost of a system. It makes solar power affordable for most homeowners.

Explore various financing options available to make solar power more affordable for homeowners:

  • Solar Lease/PPA: Greeniverseprovides and installs solar panels with a solar lease or PPA (power purchase agreement) i.e. customer has to pay only a fixed price for the solar electricity that the system generates. With such an option, customers can skip the upfront cost and lock in low prices of solar electricity for the next 20 years.
  • Loans and Mortgages: Another financial option available is to “take out a home equity loan” from their local back or “energy efficient mortgage” from the federal government. Agencies like “Fannie Mae” and the “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency” will provide you, home loans for Solar system through their Energy Star program.
  • PACE programs: Many states are now getting familiar with the benefits of solar energy and are thus establishing public solar financing programs known as Property Assessed Clean Energy programs. Under this program, the city loans the proprietor the cost of the system, and the homeowner has to pay the money back through higher property taxes.

Greeniverse works with our customers at every step to enable them to properly finance their solar power systems as per their budget requirement. Get a Free Quote



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