Maintenance of your System

 Solar panels normally require minimal maintenance since there are no moving parts. Just once every 12 months, panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris. It is necessary to free them from dust so that solar system can perform at optimum levels. Solar maintenance includes a general inspection of the panels, wiring, inverter and functionality of your system.  A well-maintained solar system can perform 10% to 30% better than one which is not. At Greeniverse, you are provided an excellent quality solar system. We also offer one year of free maintenance to our customers.

Greeniverse can service other customers with a separate contract of maintenance according to their demands.  Click Here for more information.

Explore General Maintenance Plans Offered By Greeniverse:

  • Inspect Modules for damage
  • Address array shading issues
  • Remove debris around array
  • Inspect array mounting system
  • Adjust array tilt
  • Check inverter and/or charge controller for correct settings
  • Inspect battery enclosure
  • Inspect battery terminals and connections
  • Equalize batteries
  • Water batteries
  • Measure specific gravity of each battery cell
  • Load test batteries
  • Capacity test batteries
  • Inspect and clean all electrical equipment
  • Monitor system for voltage and current

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