On Site Solar Survey

Greeniverse conducts an onsite survey that includes preliminary evaluation of objectives, resources and requirements of a perspective PV system. During the survey, all the site-specific issues related to a potential PV installation are evaluated.

Detailed Solar Site Survey includes: 

  • Purchasing the satellite pictures of your house’s roof or property from the third party
  • Analyzing potential array locations
  • Calculating distances and angels
  • Evaluation of accessible structural & electrical infrastructure
  • Gathering documents relevant site information
  • Energy audit evaluation
  • Do all drawings with Autocad and Microsoft Visio 

Acquired information is used to: 

  • Determine size systems and components
  • Determine performance
  • Arrange proposals
  • Plan the installation
  • Evaluate the site conditions
  • Set up the needs and requirements for a potential PV system
  • Make out the proper locations for the array and the equipment
  • Check the availability of adequate space
  • Identify accessibility & proximity to other equipment and structural support
  • Determine existing electrical infrastructure
  • Identify architectural appearance
  • Guarantee safeguard from hazards

Once you decide to go with solar system, we will provide you with an On Site, Comprehensive Survey detailing all of the specifications for your home. The cost is $299.99, however, it will be applied to the overall purchase of your system.

Solar Site Survey Customize & Order
Price: $299.99


Price: $299.99

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