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Greeniverse offers the most efficient and advanced technology solar panels to its customers. These panels are authentic and reliable generating more power and savings for your solar energy system. Our solar panels are designed in such a manner, which assist to make eye-catching additions to any home or business.


ASP PV Modules


Today, Advanced Solar Photonics’ (ASP) OV modules are known as the most proficient PV modules. Greeniverse presents reliable PV modules that can fulfill the Buy American Act. ASP is committed to providing the most pioneering and cutting edge technological advancements which help to make renewable energy projects more economical. These modules provide astonishing energy delivery for even the most demanding commercial or residential application.



Part Number                Wattage               Price                  Quantity in Stock          Price

 ASP 390WM                  390W              $1.00/W                       100+                       $390


Note: This is a limited offer through April 20th
Delivery: 6 to 8 weeks from payment date 



SolarWorld group is recognized as one of the largest solar energy businesses, which has more than 2900 employees. All the SolarWorld group of companies contribute themselves completely to the business of solar energy. They combine all the stages of the photovoltaic chain, from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants. SolarWorld has their sales offices around the world and operate production facilities in the U.S and Germany.images

Part Number                 Wattage           Price            Quantity in Stock           Price

SWM245M-BLACK      260W           $1.22/W                 500+                         $317

SWM250M-BLACK      275W          $1.2/W                    250+                          $330    

                                CONTACT US FOR ORDER

Delivery:  Same day

Note: These module orders received by 12pm CST will be shipped in three days or we
will ship them for free

This is a limited offer through Feb 23th


Canadian Solar


The leading Canadian Solar cell and module technology provides the excellent reliability and consistency with 25 years performance warranty and 6 years product warranty. All the series of regular modules are constructed under the professional engineering guidelines so that each module can meet the international standards of quality and safety. All types of solar application accept these modules i.e. large-scale solar farms to residential & commercial roof-top systems allow these modules.

Part Number               Wattage                Price              Quantity in Stock             Price

CS5P-245P                    245W               $0.93/W                   100+                        $227.85                                                        

CS5P-250M                  250W                 $0.92/W                  200+                       $230                                                         

CS5P-255M                 255W               $0.92/W                    200+                        $234.6

CS5P-260M                 260W               $0.92/W                    200+                        $239.2

CS6P-255M                 255W               $0.97/W                    200+                        $247.35


Delivery:  10 days

Note: These module orders received by 12pm CST will be shipped in three days

This is a limited offer through March 23th


Greeniverse knows that you expect to get your project done as soon as possible thus we try to deliver the project within specified time. We are doing our best to respond to all the requests and sales that are coming in. 

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