Solar Pathfinder with Case and Tripod


The Solar Pathfinder is the standard solar site shade analysis tool, which is used by experts. It helps to analyze the amount of shade that a particular spot will experience over various times of the day or year. The Solar Pathfinder gives the panoramic view of the entire site.

Solar Pathfinder with Case and Tripod Customize & Order
Price: $339.99

This unit includes:PFtc1

Printed Manual (online version also available)

Sunpath Diagrams (latitude & application specific)

Angle estimator (for determining altitude & azimuth)

White marking pen with extra leads

Toolbox specifically designed for the Pathfinder

Tripod specifically designed for the Pathfinder

The Solar Pathfinder is an easy-to-use non-electronic tool, which helps to measure the shading of any site. It can instantly locate the best position to install solar panels. This tool provides the users years of accurate site analysis. Solar Pathfinder follows reflective principle, rather than actually showing shadow. Due to this, it is able to work on anytime of the day, year, or in any weather. This tool is easier to use in the absence of sunlight because the actual position of the sun during the solar site analysis is immaterial.

Solar Pathfinder’s key component includes a highly polished, transparent, convex plastic dome which gives a complete view of the site. All the obstacles like trees, buildings, obstructions to the sun at that location are clearly visible in this reflection. The sunpath diagram that shows sun’s route can be seen through the transparent dome at the same time. Users can also trace the outline of the reflected obstacles onto the diagram that defines what obstacles will shade the selected site and when.

Instead of using a diagram, you can also take a digital photo and upload them into the Assistant software for shading data.  The entire kit contains the following elements: plastic dome, instrument platform, tripod legs (optional), base section, sun-path charts for customer specified latitudes & comprehensive user instructions. All these things are packed in a light-weight and durable plastic carrying case. It is easy and fast to set a Solar Pathfinder which takes just few minutes. This amazing tool has gained popularity and worldwide acceptance continuing to reach out to countries entering the renewable energy market.


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