Solar Understanding




Harnessing solar energy to power your home is the best and economical way. Let’s discuss something about solar power and how it assists to help consumers replace their current electricity and save money by reducing electric bills.

Solar power – It is the process of generating electricity with the use of sun’s power, which can be used to lighten the houses and buildings as well as to provide hot water. The conversion of sun’s power to electricity is done through the process called photovoltaic.

There are some watches and calculators which use photovoltaic and are powered by the sun. In 1954, the use of sun’s power as electricity was first discovered in Bell Labs. Scientists discovered that exposure of silicon into sunlight produce an electric charge. Solar or photovoltaic cell is used to convert sunlight into electricity.

Sunlight is composed of photons or particles of energy and every photon already contains different amount of energy. When these photos strike a photovoltaic cell and are absorbed, solar power is produced. When photovoltaic cells absorb enough sun light then solar power is used to provide electricity which you can use to power your home. There are also specific ways which you can apply to cells for absorbing more sunlight.

Photovoltaic cell serves as the basic building block for every solar panel. Each solar cell is very small but produces a couple of watts of power which is not sufficient to run most small appliances.  To generate enough electricity to power a house or buildings, these cells are crammed together into a module and then these modules are connected together to form an array to produce enough power.

These photovoltaic cells can convert up to 16% of available sunlight. This percentage will surely increase as the technology becomes more readily available.

Every day, earth receives 174 petawatts of incoming solar radiation, 6% of this is reflected while 16% is absorbed. Clouds and dust particles further reduce this absorption which decreases the amount of solar radiation that is received on the earth’s atmosphere. The radiation, which is absorbed to the earth’s atmosphere, can be used to power solar cells which in further use to power houses or buildings.

Solar power is really a great source to save money and help the environment as well.



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