Solar Panels to Generate Electricity


Solar panels or photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electric power. These panels are made up of solar cells, which are protected by a range of different material. Solar panel technology has developed efficient and affordable systems that you can install for your home.

If you also want a system of solar panels that will assist to produce electricity for your home, then install photovoltaic solar panels. These panels are layered panels that have a thin layer of glass over them (which help to protect the cells), several layers of cells and a final layer of polymer backing.

When sunlight hits the solar cells, it knocks electrons off them and these electrons pass through a system, which contains an inverter that will change the energy from DC to AC. panels. With the absorption of sunlight, these panels produce electricity that can be used immediately as well as excess power can be stored either in battery for later use or fed back to conventional system which can be sold back to the power company. The electricity produced through sunlight with the use of solar panels can power or heat a home.

Solar Hot Water (Thermal) Systems

Solar hot water (thermal) system installation is the best financial decision that you can make. It is very popular panel system, which uses free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water.

Two types of thermal system: Active system and Passive system

Active system requires one or more pumps to circulate water or heating fluid in the system. These devices are powered by the solar power or can run off the conventional power grid.

Passive system relies on the Sun to generate the heat and doesn’t use any device to absorb, convert or distribute the energy. Examples of passive system are greenhouses, sunrooms and solariums—when sunrays pass through the glass windows, the interior absorbs and retains the heat. Use of this system into your home can cut the heating costs by half-compared to heating the same home by traditional means i.e. without the use of passive solar.

A comparatively economical method to heat the water is to have water itself pumped up to a storage tank on the roof and heated by the sun. But for this, make sure that your roof can support the weight of the water. You can also install a solar panel system, which is specially designed to heat the water in swimming pool. These systems are straightforward and effective.Generally, solar hot water systems are used to heat the water in homes. After installation of this system on the roof, sun light heats the panels and they in return heat a fluid that passes through pipes on the roof. This fluid is then pumped to your hot water tank, which is used to heat the water.


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