Understanding Solar Warranties

Solar systems is really an ideal financial investment as they will pay for themselves long term. In the beginning, the system is expensive thus. So, each individual component must have individual warranty.  Before purchasing and installation, it is recommended to be aware of all warranty information. Greeniverse warranty policy includes all parts and labor service of the system with manufacturer warranties on each component. Many well-known solar panels brands have 20-25 year warranties. It is also necessary to understand that:

  • Manufacturers guarantee 80% solar output for specific number of years
  • A “materials and workmanship” warranty is ideal for two years

5-10 year Inverter Warranties

One of the expensive single parts of a solar energy system is inverter which is also the most likely component to incur damage and fail. In order to save some money, some people select an inverter which is not able to handle the calculated capacity which increases the chance of failure. But it is suggested to avoid such kind of mistake. Lower quality inverter has limited warranty so it is essential to make a good decision before purchasing solar system.


5-10 year Battery Warranties (no-grid and hybrid systems only)

Batteries have 5-10 years warranty with 15 years extended lifespan. There are no moving parts and have no manufacturing errors, that means it requires little repair.


20-25 year Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panels consist of number of photovolatic cells that are made of silicon. These are highly fragile but encased and protected by tempered glass and aluminum frame. These panels require less repair and replacement.

PV technology normally does not breakdown for years. However, you need to consider protective measures in case of hail, hurricanes and other harsh weather conditions.

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