Why you should buy solar?







Home Value and Solar Energy Systems

According to recent survey conducted by Greeniverse, it is found that consumers can increase their home’s value by $20 for every $1 of energy bill saving annually. As a result, some of the customers have saved $1,500 on their annual energy bill while adding $30,000 to the value of their homes.

Due to the great benefits of solar energy, many widely respected companies are moving towards the renewable energy source. PR and media recognition guarantee that the news about usage of solar by High Profile Company spreads rapidly. The only question that may arise is:  does solar energy beneficial for small to medium sized companies? It’s clear that reputed or successful companies can easily afford the cost of solar energy installation. These companies are well equipped and have more equity & resources to handle the initial cost of solar power installation. Besides these, with PR attention at their fingerprints, their business will grow at high level after solar installation.

Green energy is now becoming more and more popular due to environment friendly and cost saving feature. One of the other benefits of adopting solar energy is that your local newspaper, blogs and news channel will be happy to cover a human interest story discussing about your environment friendly solar power use which will help to get your business the coverage it deserves.

You can lower the cost of solar energy project by combining the Federal corporate solar tax credit with other incentive for businesses. Do some research and thoroughly examine all your energy costs and make the right decision that your business deserves. A step towards solar is really a good choice that can direct your business towards right direction.


Solar Energy is Good Business

Solar energy is becoming the choice for almost every company. Some of the large companies like Google, Costco, FedEx, Macy’s, Target, etc. have adopted solar energy policies. Small or medium sized companies are also going to use solar power. More companies now understand the financial benefits that they can take with the use of solar energy system.

Peak Shaving

Many buildings use a larger extent of power. May be your company paying more because of its size or you are paying more for using energy during peak hours. Some companies charge more money for electricity usage during midday. But by installing photovoltaic system you can reduce the midday cost of electricity as these systems absorb the most sunlight during midday. So with the help of photovoltaic system you can take the advantage of peak shaving. As well as bypass the need to purchase conventional electricity during this time.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Many firms are initiating to reduce their carbon release voluntarily, in preparation for the future. Use of solar energy can’t completely reduce a company’s fossil-fuel reliance but it can be a step towards energy independence. Be ahead and move towards renewable energy for your company today. In this way, if /when the government starts regulating carbon emissions, you and your business are already out of trouble.


IRR – Calculating the Return on Investment

Solar energy installation is a really a good financial decision. Before installing solar energy system, the internal rate of return (IRR) must be considered for every company. Efficiently designed solar energy system can have an internal rate of return or up to 20-25%. Financially examine the IRR on a solar energy for your company and get familiar with the factors, which determine solar energy system’s rate of return.


Price Inflation for Electricity

Sunlight is absolutely free so your solar energy system will always perform better financially when retail prices increase.  Electricity prices have raised 6.2% in 2004 and will continue to increase year by year. So for your company it will be good to save the electricity cost by planning solar energy system. Some devices like LED light bulbs and updated windows can lower the energy costs but nothing compares to a solar energy system.

Besides that, another plus point is that – life span of solar energy system is 20-25 years which means company can congeal its strength against electricity inflation of decades. With solar power, you will have the greater chances of short and long-term return on investment for your company.

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