Would you like to win a FREE 5kW Solar System or up to $25,000 cash back on your solar system?

Free Electricity! What could be better!

Greeniverse raffle to find three lucky winners weekly to win their very own 5kW Solar System OR up to $25,000 cash back prize to help you installing your solar system.trophy


How do you enter?

Step 1: Fill out the form overleaf and give it to your consultant during their visit.

Step 1: Book your free in-home solar consultation today.

(Learn about solar and how you could save you thousands of $$$ off your electricity bills for the next 25 years.)


Note: If you purchase a Greeniverse solar system during this promotion, you are still eligible to win the prize. You can opt to have the prize value deducted from the cost of your system or simply transfer the system to another address (conditions apply).

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Enter your info to WIN your own solar system or your cash back prize!


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Terms and conditions.

To be eligible to win this competition, you must fill out the competition application form on this page. To arrange an in-home consultation contact Greeniverse at 888.866.5756. You’ll be notify before or by the day of your free consultation at your home or place of business. Also, if the winner has already purchased a Greeniverse solar system, you can still elect to accept the free 5.0kW solar system as a prize, or elect to have the value of the prize refunded to you. Greeniverse reserves the right to determine what panel and inverter combination will be supplied for this prize. All products will be approved by UL. The result will be publicized on our website. Prize value includes all materials and installation costs and travel up to 45 mile DFW airport. All Greeniverse’s usual performance, manufacturer, and installation warranties are included. 

There may be some charges associated with installation of the system on the winner’s property such as;

  •         Travel charges if installation site greater than 50 Miles from DFW airport.
  •         If the property is 2 story or higher, or requires special access equipment.
  •         If the property has a roof with a low tilt angle and requires a tilt frame. Tilt frames are not included in the prize value.
  •         If the installation point is a separate building from the location of the main board or inverter, in which case there may be charges for additional cabling or trenching.
  •         If the location of the panels is greater than 100ft from the inverter, or either the panels or inverter are greater than 100ft from main switch. This may attract additional labor and materials costs.
  •         If a meter box or sub panel upgrade is required, this is at your cost.
  •         If house has solid internal walls or has a meter box inside the house, this may attract additional charges.
  •         All additional charges must be paid for on or before the date of installation.


  •         We exclude any and all site preparation such as clearing materials, foliage, and other obstructions in order to gain access .to the roof or to install the solar system.
  •         We exclude removal of any existing devices, plumbing, aerials, pipes, or other solar systems, solar hot water systems, air-conditioning (or similar) systems.
  •         Meter Box upgrades or additional electrical work.


  •         Competition is eligible to permanent residents of US.
  •         You must be the owner of the property.
  •            The installation site must be a sound structure constructed with the city permit and approval.
  •        The site must be largely free of shading on the roof area to be used.
  •         Prize can be transferred to another party or property, as long as they meet all the terms and conditions stated.
  •         You must enter the competition by completing the application online at www.greeniverse.com


  •         If you already have a solar system, you may be impacted by the installation of an additional system if you are currently receiving a Feed In Tariff for power returned to the grid. You must check with your power retailer to determine this.
  •         No claims are being made by Greeniverse about the suitability of this system for your needs and the percentage of savings that may be generated.
  •         Greeniverse must meet all state and federal obligations and standards in the installation of a solar system, and this may include installing electrical conduit to one or more external walls of the property and this may be visible.
  •         If Greeniverse is unable to install the prize solar system at the winner’s property due to any of the above reasons, Greeniverse will not be required to compensate the winner of the prize financially or supply the system materials or labor in lieu of the prize. If, at the sole discretion of Greeniverse, the winner is deemed ineligible, Greeniverse may elect to draw a second winner.

Other Conditions:

  •        Prize winner will be required to display a Greeniverse sign in a prominent location at their property facing the street for a period of 60 days from the date of installation.
  •        Winner must make themselves available during the date of installation.
  •       The winner agrees to have his or her name printed on Greeniverse promotional materials.
  •       Prize conditional upon customer agreeing to assign all renewable energy certificates to Greeniverse.
  •       If for any reason the winner prevents Greeniverse or our appointed contractor from successfully installing the system on the agreed date of installation, any additional charges incurred including travel, access equipment hire will be chargeable to the winner.

Options for claiming your prize;

  •   Install the free 5.0 kw system on your property.
  •   Transfer the free 5.0kw system to another property.
  •   Receive cash refund on system purchased from Greeniverse during this promotion.
  •   Purchase a larger system from Greeniverse and have the 5.0klw value deducted from the price.
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